Thursday, January 10, 2008

Effectiveness sans Formality

I recently listened to the recording of the OOPSLA 07 keynote 'Effectiveness sans Formality'(aka Context, Perspective and Programs) by Gregor Kiczales, and was struck by the similarities with the work happening here on 'sensemaking' - 'registration' is the term used by Gregor (BC Smith, 1998) - and the importance of context for information professionals (lawers and journalists instead of programmers, and digital libraries instead of large code bases. (Especially so given the digital library and associated instruments in an Ediscovery matter, are constructed by the users, not unlike programmers working on a large system if you think about it being a group of documents)

The interesting bits;

  • stuff about L Suchman's work
  • about 'Intentionality' (p 19,) and 'Registration' (p 25,)
    'By register I mean something like parse, make sense of, find there to be, structure, take as being a certain way -- even carve the world into, to use a familiar if outmoded phrase. ' (p 25, from BC Smith, 1996-8)
  • combining BC Smith and L Suchman (p26)
  • Radical Thesis (p 27)

See also

Smith, B.C., 1998. On the Origin of Objects, Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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