Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What would you do with an OPEN API for ILMS - make an international my-library bookmarklet service

And beat Amazon at their own game...

From Web4Lib Tue, 15 Feb 2005 19:41:27 -0800 (PST)
An 'international my-library bookmarklet service'

How hard could this be?

The browser already identifies the country of origin
Get the user to enter a zip/postal region code/locality

National libraries could have a 'resolver' that took the location and
forwards it on to the appropriate library.

This could be done internationally - all from the one
bookmarklet/embeddable bit of html ala Amazon.

I'm sorry - this doesn't seem that hard. It would be cheap to build and
inexpensive to run. Why weren't we doing this 5 years ago?


we could focus all of our various programming efforts on the greater good instead of just our own

-- Jenny, The Shifted Librarian

(from a web4lib posting)

Why don't we have a common API for all ILS(ILMS)? - and demand these of our ILS
vendors. (Libraries have always led the way in standards.)

What do list membersYOU think would be appropriate services for such and API?

I've never written a standard before - does anyone have any idea how to go
about it? (Those ATOM people seemed to have had some success)

here goes - starting with simple ones;
1) Control Number Lookup (ISBN/ISSN etc.) to support services like
'Library Lookup' by John Udell

2) New Books see http://www.cdu.edu.au/library/rss.html / http://www.librarystuff.net/2005/01/more-library-rss-feeds.html

3) Items Out
> An example of what the itemsout feed address should look like is

4) Search(es) ( a few common ones)

5) Request Item ...
[I'm sure others on this list can think of more]

* All of course with HTML or XML(RSS if appropriate) output options to
allow human and machine operation.
(X)HTML - I'd like the 'Items-Out' feed from Charles Darwin University to
generate HTML so I could just have it as a bookmark in my browser (Which
would be quicker when checking from my mobile phone - and easier for my
mum who doesn't use a RSS reader and is not interested)
XML(or RSS) - I'd like to be able to use services like LibraryElf
[http://www.libraryelf.com/] at my library.