Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The cost of having a website

I keep coming across people who say they would like to get a website for their group or business. So I thought I'd put down some of the costs and how to do it.
This is based on my knowledge of doing this in Darwin.

Basic website; Just get an account with an ISP that includes webspace; this is how I and many other individuals do it. COSTS: you need your own computer, phone line rental, ISP subscription charge (should be less than $30/month). but you probably already pay this anyway.

Simple website; All the above plus: $100 a year hosting (from octa4.net.au), Domain Name Registration( $170 for two years?) .. a couple of days development/setup of a simple application/database. Time: Allocate about an hour a week for maintenance - if you don't keep it up to date people won't visit. I say a minimum of $1000-$1500 for two years. If you think of it as $15 plus an hours work a week...Probably not too bad a deal - depends what you get out of it.

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